San Francisco/Bay Area Action against the Pacifica National Board
-- Join us to Leaflet and Picket at Epstein, Becker, and Green!

Pacifica Under Attack!

Please check the savepacifica website for updates.

- 3/4/01 PNB reportbacks - at CdP mtg on 3/5/01

- 3/3/01 Houston Chron article

- 3/2/01 Pacifica Campaign phone calls

- 3/1/01 dissident PNB members' request

- 3/1/01 songs for Pacifica rallies!

- 2/27/01 restraining orders delayed

- 2/26/01 urgent PNB letter writing/fax campaign

- 2/23/01 Pacifica Campaign alert

- 2/26/01 More things you can do!

- 2/22/01 FINALLY! Judge Jenkins releases the lawsuits!

- 2/21/01 Update from John Sheridan re picketing

- 2/7/01 Contact CA Attorney General Lockyer and thank him

- 2/15/01 sample letters on this site

- 2/5/01 URGENT from savepacifica

- 2/16/01 Sign petition: NO! to bylaws revisions.

- 2/13/01 Siegel & Yee ("LAB") lawsuit depositions now online

- 2/11/01 EBG threatening domain name

- 2/11/01 John Murdock 9/00 statement: Bylaws to be voted on in March

- 2/10/01 where to donate money

- 2/18/01 demonstration on 2/20: When the Judge had still not released the lawsuits.

- 2/8/01 info on writing to Judge to release the lawsuits

- 2/4/01 controversy over protests

- 2/2/01 Amy Goodman interview by Laura Flanders

- 2/1/01 Juan Gonzalez RESIGNS from Democracy Now!

- 2/1/01 Activists disrupt EBG Legal Seminar in SF

- 2/1/01 KPFK LAB unanimous resolution re the bylaws

- 1/23/01 Ten People Arrested at Epstein Becker and Green SF protest!

- 1/22/01 Murdock Rewrites Bylaws! immediate action required

- see info on the WBAI "Christmas Coup", (archived info, 12/23/00 - 1/17/01)

- 1/17/01 mass protest causes Citicorp employee to drop his bid for the Pacifica board

- 1/30/01 Strikers' Anniversary

- mail in a Declaration of Support (about halfway down the page) for removal of Pacifica board directors

- write letters to the Pacifica board:
You can send automatic letters to all board members via the red link ("Take Action! WBAI Under Siege ") at the top of this page.
Or, the generic email address for Pacifica national staff:

- summary of the Lawsuits against Pacifica, initiated because the current board has hijacked the foundation away from its original mission

Join the KPFA "Truth Squad": Leaflet and Picket at
Epstein, Becker, and Green: union busters and Pacifica destroyers!

We will be picketing at extra places soon. Please send an email to to get on the list for updates. Also please note the changes below. --3/15/01
photos by Bill Carpenter

     In San Francisco, Epstein, Becker and Green is at 2 Embarcadero Center (map) on the Front St. side of the building, which is very near Embarcadero BART. We are focusing on the 11:30-1:00 lunch time slot, Wednesdays, and Fridays, except holidays. Even 2 people at any one time is very helpful, and more are obviously better. It's not embarrassing or confrontational, it's informative and many people do take notice, accept flyers and this will eventually get back to the executives running these corporations. The negative publicity for the employers of John Murdock should put pressure on this Board member. This was a very effective tactic during the civil rights struggles when people picketed chains who were discriminating against people of color by protesting 'at a franchise of the chain nearest you'.
     If you can join us to picket on Wednesday or Friday, from 11:30-1pm at 2 Embarcadero Center (on the Front St. side) in San Francisco, please email Anne Fitzmaurice at Tell her that you will be there and she will coordinate so that you are with others and have flyers to pass out.
      The experience is interesting, more people are beginning to understand about the role of Epstein, Becker and Green, and 2 Embarcadero Ctr. is very close to the Embarcadero BART station.

Main contact: John Sheridan - (510)652-0272

Call Epstein Becker and Green and tell them you want John Murdock to resign from the Board of the Pacifica Foundation.
Phone: 202-861-0900, fax: 202-296-2882
in SF: (415) 398-3500, FAX: (415) 398-0955

A LETTER to Epstein, Becker & Green employees

Phone, fax, and addresses included here.
See these informative flyers, which you can download to print, copy, and hand out (in PDF form, full sheets, to cut in half):
-    Epstein, Becker, and Green only: front,  back
-    Epstein, Becker, and Green and C.B. Richard Ellis:  front,  back.

An Epstein Becker and Green/John Murdock protest kit with great information and info on national EBG office locations, is available at


See great photos, 1/11 and 2/2 from the KPFA "Truth Squad" as they inform the passersby near EBG HQ in San Francisco about John Murdock's and EBG's role in the destruction of KPFA, WBAI and Pacifica. [Photos by Bill Carpenter]

In the words of Bill, one of the Truth Squad members: "I've never seen people more worried about publicity than the Epstein, et al people I talked to."

(Places you can visit them and let them know what you think of their involvement in the theft of Pacifica)

[below written Friday 11/17, before WBAI crisis]

Leafletting began this week in the SF financial district, and there were six of us at lunchtime today handing out lots of flyers. We had two bright orange signs: "Michael Palmer of C.B. Richard Ellis, HANDS OFF KPFA!".

We were surprised by the amount of positive reaction we got there in the belly of the corporate beast. Judging by what happened today, I think that if this presence can be kept up as a regular event it can have a real effect!

People generally seemed curious about us. At one point a black-clad security looking person was cell-phoning up to HQ and was overheard to say, "Who is Michael Palmer? There are six people out here with signs and flyers..." Then several employees of CB Richard Ellis stopped to talk and ask, "Who is this Michael Palmer? I don't know any Michael Palmer" -- and they were informed of the situation with Pacifica. Many other people also stopped to talk.

We need this kind of thing, we need the Pacifica Natonal Board members to be questioned at their places of work about what they are up to.

We need to work on getting more people involved in this action, so we can keep it going, because while doing it one time was great, it needs to be something that happens regularly. The plan is to have leafletting happen M-W-F (except holiday weeks). Coordinating with others is good, because it really helps to have a couple of people bring signs to get the message across at a glance -- many people take leaflets when they see the signs. Also, saying something about "help KPFA Radio" in a loud voice seemed to catch a lot of people's attention.

This action is focusing on two PNB members who are employed by firms with offices in San Francisco: - John Murdock, Epstein Becker & Green: SF office is at Two Embarcadero Center. - Michael Palmer, CB Richard Ellis: SF office is at Embarcadero Center West, 275 Battery St. [also see for background info from Media Alliance]